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Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (TRUST)

Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

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The Financial Sustainability Rating Tool (FSRT) offers water supply and/or wastewater removal companies an opportunity to rate the utility’s financial sustainability. It gives the user an indication of which area from financial situation over asset management to business operation needs optimisation. The Tool also evaluates different forecasts (e.g. population development) and country specific characteristics (e.g. inflation rate) to assess future trends. This requires the entry of various performance indicators of a utility, some of which are used directly and some are used for further calculations within the Tool. Barometers with green to red indicators for each area as well as overall scores visualise the results of the rating. Detailed bookkeeping and cost accounting build the basis for analysis of financial sustainability. Multi-service water companies, which provide several services (water and wastewater or/and waste disposal), are encouraged to perform an adequate cost allocation for each service in order to enter separate data for each service into the evaluation. To achieve meaningful results the tool is directed at utilities, which provide either one service or are able to split up the information and costs related to each service. The accuracy of the input data is vital for the reliability of the results.

For more details about the Trust project, please look @ www.trust-i.net , or go to the Unibo Web site @ www.unibo.it , for further information.